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Are you trying to make a dock for residential or commercial purposes?

Docks can transform the look of your property, not to mention how useful they are. Whether you are building docks for aesthetic value or practical purposes, building and maintenance can be pretty tricky.

Dock Repair Fort Lauderdale is one of the renowned names in the marine construction Miami industry. We build and repair all kinds of docks in Fort Lauderdale area.

We are a licensed company and has made a name for ourselves due to superior quality repairs that stay strong and withstands harsh weather of Florida. We have trained professionals who have years of experience in dock building, repairing, and seawall repair.

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Dock Building Fort Lauderdale

We build high quality, good looking, and functional docks that stay strong for a long time.

Selection of dock material

The right selection of dock material is essential in dock building. Dock always stays in contact with saltwater.  And thus it should be able to withstand constant contact with salt water.

We choose the right wood material that has excellent longevity and can withstand sea elements for a long time. Some common timber that is used for dock builders is Western Red Cedar, Redwood, Cypress, and Eastern White Cedar. The dock piles should be made of hardwood such as Douglas fir, Tamarack, and Hemlock.

The timber is often specially treated to be good dock construction material. The treatment might be chemical treatment or pressure treatment. EPA (Environment Protection Agency) sets the standard for processed hardwood. They make sure that treated wood has a low retention rate of chemical used.

The metal parts used in dock building reinforces the docks and increases its longevity. The metal parts need to be made of special metal that can withstand saltwater for a long time. Galvanized metal, Stainless steel metal, and metal treated for corrosion are some of the common types of metal used in docks.

The good quality wood coating is excellent to make durable docks. The protective waterproof coating can be hand-rubbed Tung Oil, Varnish, Polyurethane and Lacquer. We also use the best wood sealant for extra protection.

Type of Docks We Make

We make stationary and floating docks on seawater or lakes.The stationary docks are stable and are a great place to relax and have a picnic or fishing. Floating docks are beautiful to look at. They are easy to install and adapt to water level.

Dock Inspection, Maintenance and Repair

Dock damage Inspection

The dock should be checked for damage once a year. Our professional dock inspection team can determine the extent of damage that goes unnoticed by untrained eyes. We strategize the best plan to repair the dock before it is damaged beyond repair effectively. The inspection may take a few minutes, and you get a free cost estimate.

Dock maintenance

Maintenance is another thing that increases the life of a dock. Hammering raised nails, replacing rotting areas, Sanding splinters, Installing rubber tires in the dock to protect the boat and the dock from possible damage, washing the dock for moss and algae buildup, priming and painting are some of the maintenance we provide to docks.

Dock Repair in Fort Lauderdale, FL

We repair all kinds of damages. Replace wood planks, provide maintenance, and remove old screws and bolts and replace it with new ones. We provide the best repair that makes your docks as good as new.

We provide affordable dock repairs for all kinds and types of the dock. We take insurance so if your dock is insured make sure to file for insurance.

Types of Dock Damage

Boat collision

Damage due to boat collision is not uncommon for Docks. Docks often receive high impact when the boat at high speed. Most times it takes the hit without a problem. However, it may break sometimes.

Weather damage

Fort Lauderdale faces terrible weather every year, which includes storms and cyclones. High wind and high water current impact can damage the dock.

Damage due to elements

Old docks can often disintegrate, break, come apart or rot after years of use. The nails and bolts might rust and get loose. Such docks can be very dangerous to walk on.

Dock Repairs

Damaged or rotten wood replacement. Any rot or damage on dock wood can grow over time. Call us to early fix, so you don't have to invest a lot later on.

Cleaning under the dock is a challenge for many dock owners — plants and algae grown under the dock slowly but surely damages the docks. We clean the docks thoroughly, so you don't have to worry about it.

Metal parts such as nuts, screws, and bolts often rust away over time. We will fix new metals parts to strengthen the dock.

Seawall Repair Fort Lauderdale

Seawall separates the water areas or lake water from the land to prevent corrosion, storm surges, or flooding.

Seawall stays in constant contact with water due to which the probability of seawall damage is pretty high. The common type of damages seawall faces is rotting, rusting of the metal parts and damaged due to bad weather.

We repair seawall that is damaged due to water has gotten old or coming apart. We replace damaged parts reinforce the seawall, screw in new nuts and bolts, install new metal parts and remove rusted nuts, bolts and screws, replacing it with new, better ones.

We replace wooden planks, beams, and piles for the seawall with the right kind of material and provide the best possible quality service to our customers.

Why choose us?

Our repairs and construction are of the highest quality at an affordable price. We are a well-known dock repair and building company in Fort Lauderdale and has gained the trust of dozens of customers through our quality work.

We provide high quality, customer-oriented services to all our customers with the best possible material for renovation and construction. We are highly trained and licensed professional in dock repair and building as well as seawall repair. We have worked with residential and commercial projects all across Fort Lauderdale. We believe in customer relationship and work ethics, we provide a quick but effective solution to all your dock and seawall problems.

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