Dock Repair

Are you looking for quick and effective dock repair in Fort Lauderdale, Fl?

We are a licensed and one of the best-known companies providing good quality dock repair that is durable and affordable in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Types of Damages Your Dock Can Suffer

There are few damages you Dock can suffer. One of the most common types of damage that docks suffer is weathering. With time old docks lose their strength. The wooden beams or the dock surface might rot. It can grow moss or algae that can slowly damaged the dock surface with its acidic nature. The metal parts such as nails, bolts, and screws can rust over time, making the wooden parts to separate. Such docks are dangerous to walk on.

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Another type of damage occurs due to accidents. Boats often hit the Dock too hard, breaking it off or splintering it. In such a case, the Dock might need immediate repair for proper functioning.

Bad weather such as storms and cyclones can also damage docks. Strong water current and high-speed wind can blow off part of docks or damage it somehow.

How we repair dock damages

We repair all kinds of dock damages.

The first thing in repairing dock damages is to inspect the level of damage. Our professional inspection team assess the level of damage and determine the type of repair needed. We give you an estimated cost. If you do know your Dock suffered an accident and it has insurance, you can file for insurance after the inspection. If the Dock has gotten old, you can adjust your budget according to the estimated repair cost.

One of the common things that dock need is proper cleaning. Dock stays near the water. It can develop algae or moss growth on it. It can make the surface of the Dock very slippery and very dangerous for people. With our specialized equipment, training, and cleaning material, we clean docks to make it safe to pedestrians.

We apply sealant on the wooden material to make it waterproof and increase the longevity of the wooden Dock. We also check for plants that might grow under the Dock and damage the Docking system. We then subsequently remove those plants.

For any rot on the wooden deck, we repair the rotting part and replace it with new good quality wooden material that stays strong. It also stops from an increase in the rotting damage in the future.

Rusted metal parts are removed, and new corrosion treated ones are put in. This reinforces the Dock and makes it safe for people.

In case of accidents and major dock damage, we provide dock building and proper dock and seawall repair to make the Dock as good as new.

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Why Should You Choose Us?

We are one of the best-known dock repairs and building company in Fort Lauderdale. We have years of experience in docks. We are extremely customer oriented and believe in customer satisfaction, professional work, quick service, and efficiency.

We also choose the best material and build a dock that is durable and stays strong for long years.

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