Dock Building

We are a quality dock building company of Fort Lauderdale. We are a licensed construction worker building docks for Fort Lauderdale, Florida, for years. Our workers are experienced professionals who know everything about dock construction. No matter the type of dock you want to build, we will build it for you.

Types of Docks We Build

Floating docks

Floating docks are made to adjust to the changing water levels automatically. These docks are often used at a small scale docking system for more personal usage. However, we also make commercial level large floating docks. We use specialized and specific construction to give strength to the floating Dock and make it more efficient to use on the shoreline.

Stationary docks

When the Dock receives more foot traffic, we recommend to build stationary docks. It stays in one place and is held with the piling that supports the surface of the Dock. Stationary docks are much more common type of Dock then floating docks.

Multipurpose docks

We build multipurpose stationary docks that can be multiple functions. It can be a place to hang out with your friends and family, and it can provide a dock for boats and yachts. It can also be used as a space for getting in or exiting the water after swimming. These kinds of docks are usually more prominent and surround more area as they receive more foot traffic.

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How We Choose Dock Material

We use best quality material that can withstand fresh water or salt water and weather elements for a long time without getting damaged. Our professionals have built docks for many years for the Fort Lauderdale area. We know the specific requirements of building a long-lasting dock that serves all purposes.

We use good quality wood that it is specially processed to withstand long hours of contact with water. It is polished with water sealant material, and the type of timber is also meticulously chosen according to the weather and the type of water.

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The metal elements on the Dock such as screws, nails, bolts, and metal plates that strengthen the structure of the Dock and makes it long-lasting is chosen by our dock professionals. The metals are either galvanized or made of stainless steel. The metal parts are highly corrosion resistant, so they do not rust easily.

Building the Perfect Dock

Dock building is not as easy as a common deck building. Docks are often more in touch with the weather elements and more vulnerable. They need to be constructed in a proper and knowledgeable way for them to stay durable for a long time.

There are a few things that our dock professionals looked into before building the perfect Dock for you. Those things include the dock height for stationary Dock. Some part of the Dock always remains underwater. However, we choose the perfect height so that the maximum part of the Dock remains above water and does not submerge in water even during the high tides. However, if the Dock is too high, it might make getting in the boat difficult. With our expert knowledge and years of experience, we know the perfect height for the kind of water body we are building the Dock on. We also specialize in dock repair for the residents of Fort Lauderdale.

Footing and piling

To keep the deck sturdy and unmovable good quality footing is very necessary. We know how to construct the perfect durable and strong footers for stationary docks. We also choose the piling material that can withstand the weight of the Dock and can be long-lasting even after being in contact with the water.

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